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 Email received at this web site

 During the year 2012


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Updated Sunday 15 July 2012

Hi Gary,    

You don’t know me I’m the one with the ball. Could you put this photo on your site and see if anyone would  like to contact me.       


The picture was taken in 1949 we were all 11 years of age at the time. I left Grimethorpe in 1964 and moved to Nottinghamshire where I still live. It will be OK to use my email address. I look forward to hearing from some old friends.

Thanks for your trouble Pete Cooper  Nottingham


Back Row:  Mr Bennett   Mr Clegg   Mr Blewitt:     

Midd Row:  Barry Cooke  Frank Hughes  Jack Parker  Clive Haynes  Joe Rounds  Malcolm Evans .    

Front Row:  Harry Whittaker  Roy Sargesson  Pete Cooper  Bruce Batty  Les Loring                                  




Hope you have luck in finding your old friends Peter    


My grandfather was a miner who moved up from the Forest of Dean to find work in the Yorkshire mines - he lived the rest of his life, bringing up a family, in Shafton.

My parents were consequently married 70 years ago this year - on 10th September 1942 - at the Parish Church of Felkirk with Brierley in the County of York.

My husband and I would like to visit the Church this year in remembrance.

Firstly, I would be grateful if you could clarify exactly which Church it is that we would visit?

Would it be St Peter's Felkirk or St Paul's Brierley?

I am wondering if the parishes have changed since 1942 and would be grateful if would be able to let me know which Church would have been the Parish Church of Felkirk with Brierley?

 Also would you know if the Church is kept open or would we need to contact the appropriate Vicar or Churchwarden to be let in?

 Many thanks for your attention to my query.

 Kind regards

Trudy Mellors


01298 872155

Hi Gary

My names John Mansfield I lived at 34 Church Street and then 12 Coop Row.. I left Brierley in 1957. My email address is neilmansfield777@googlemail.com It would be great to hear from any of my old school mates.

Hello Gary

I was browsing the website the other day and a lady mentioned the row of cottages on the way down to the park.  I think she means the second, stone-built row.  These were ‘Elm (or Elms) Cottages’ to the best of my recollection.  The Grimes family lived there and Derek Grimes ran a nursery business

Cheers John Lovett


Hi John, Dereck is still there

Hi Gary,

Thank you for contacting me having had lots of problems this last few years I lost some of my addresses, is it possible please from your records to supply me with the emails you provided me with originally.

I don’t doubt it will be a tall order.

Yours sincerely Edmund Redmile Australia

Hello Gary, 

I am producing an archaeological desk based assessment for an area of Brierley and was wondering if I could reproduce some photographs from you website in the report? Our assessment relates to the old Co-op building on Church Street and there is a good photo of this below from 1917 on your website.

Kind Regards

Grace Corbett MA


Wessex Archaeology Ltd

Unit R6, Riverside Block, Sheaf Bank Business Park, Prospect Road, Sheffield, S2 3EN


Updated Monday 19 March 2012

Dear Gary,

I've been looking at some aerial photos of "The Dell" in Grimethorpe, started Googling, and found your site and was interested in the discussion about local place names. 

I was brought up in Windmill Avenue, adjoining The Dell. We called the eastern slope of The Dell, 'Tom Bank' ,where Red City Wood (which we also called 'Tom Bank Wood') is. The western side of The Dell, especially the steeper bit above the concrete bridge over The Dyke, was 'Pudding Hill', a favourite sledging slope. 

Could you or any of your readers tell me when the new woodland on the western slope between The Dyke and the old Willowgarth School were planted, please? And when the lakes lower down The Dell, opposite Dell Avenue, were landscaped?  

With many thanks,

Dick Bateman (now living in Bath)

Can anyone help Dick, if so please email Gary @ brierleyvillage@btinternet.com

Hi Gary,
Hope the photos came through alright. I found I had copied the scans onto my phone. I am still in Oz with cousin Jim Kerr. Will send you a picture and a story for the site. Good news is the weather is lovely but bad news is beer is + £7 a pint
All the best ,
Great to see the site back up.
Many thanks.
Dave Nicoll: On hols in Oz but always of Brierley

Thanks Dave I will add the pics to my archives n hopefully readers will enjoy them on here.. enjoy ye holidays 

Hi Gary,
thank you for contacting me. Having had lots of problems this last few years I lost some of my addresses, is it possible please from your records to supply me with the emails you provided me with originally.
I don’t doubt it will be a tall order.
Yours sincerely Edmund Redmile Australia

Please let me know what contact details you are wanting Edmund

Updated Thursday 8 March 2012

I just had an enjoyable ramble round the site.

I’m resisting the urge to send you lengthy ramblings but I did notice in your contribution about attending infants school in the Institute that you mention the Vicar as Terence Boyard Webster.  Elsewhere on the site you have Thomas, which is correct.  I was a ‘server’ at St Paul’s Church in the late 1940s early 1950s and was soundly admonished by the Vicar for rushing his procession down the aisle to the church vestry!  One of his great innovations was the ‘church bus’, an elderly Bedford, which he used to pick up parishioners and take them to Felkirk and which also featured on our annual Sunday School outing.

Cheers John Lovett


Thanks for that John. I do has it happens have old video of the bus in question where are you living now?


We’ve been living on a small farm about half an hour North of Canberra since 1996, Gary.  Prior to that we spent time in Hobart, Tasmania and Armidale NSW, which is where we moved to when I left Brierley in 1966.  Mind you, I didn’t actually leave completely as I was able to make regular visits to my Mother at 27 Church Street (‘Rose Cottage’ now, ‘Roscot’ when we were there and formerly ‘Ivy Cottage’, remember?) until she passed away in 1989. The picture is me with a motley collection of vehicles, several British (!).  They were actually forming a barrier so we could run the bull up the road.  The bull in question, ‘Harold’, is in the second pic.  I was 70 at the time if the ‘bull running’ (Christmas 2007) – no fool like an old fool. Cheers John Lovett A ustralia

Updated Saturday 3 March 2012

Thanks for the update great to hear from you again. Hope you are well. Nice to Know the site is still up and running. All the Best Brian Bower 


Cheers Brian nice to hear from you

Hi Gary
Wonder if you could help me, you have a reference on your website to a photo including my father Harry Coop. Appreciate this is not available to view on the site but does this mean you have a copy separately or where I could view it?
The reference says schools 94 - Willowgarth high school.

Thanks Richard Coop


Hi Richard the photo in question I can do you a copy for £3 up to A5 size or £6 up to A4 .. proceeds to the web site upkeep



Photograph No Schools 94

Circa 1960s

Metal work class Brierley Grimethorpe Secondary School (now Willowgarth High)

Left to right: Garry Wilson (now living in Australia ) Stan Horton (teacher) Alan Sheard? and Harry Coop


Hi Gary

Where do you suggest I find someone or somewhere to identify an old photo of Grimethorpe Brass Band players circa 1920?
I have seen the old photo on the Grimethorpe website of the bands beginnings thro the disbanding of Cudworth band about 1917, but can't find subsequent photos. Can you help please. Linda Laughton.


Send it too me Linda and I will put it on the web site and also the Barnsley Chronicle


Gary here's the photo. It looks to be taken on Newtown Av Cudworth. We have 2 names so far of 2 men called Jaques from Cudworth. One is the trombone player the other is the shorter of the 2 behind him, father & son.

Thanks a lot. Linda.



Can anyone help Linda naming the band players?

Hiya Gary ,nice to see you back me old flower best wishes 

Dick Turner Brierley


Cheers Dick

Dear Gary,

Can you help me?  I am trying to track down the David Hardwick who put forward his grandfather's bible for the BBC's History of the World in 100 Objects.  The bible in question is a memorial of the Oaks Colliery disaster.  Given the location, I am wondering if this is the same David Hardwick whose photographs feature on the Brierley Village web site. 

I ask because we'd like to feature David's (great-grandfather's) story in our showcase, as a second example of South Yorkshire bibles.  We will include information about it in any case, based on the BBC's records, but it would be a bonus to have a copy of the Oaks Colliery Bible on show.  We have already arranged to borrow one of the Sheffield Flood Bibles from Museums Sheffield, and we're fortunate to have been offered a 16th century bible with South Yorkshire connections as well.

If this is the same David, please can you pass on this message to him?  The showcase will be at Sheffield Cathedral from 20-30th May, sitting alongside a 2-month long exhibition, Telling Tales of King James' Bible.

I can be reached via this email address, or by telephone to 0114 222 0508. (I am mostly out of the office so email is preferable, but my colleagues can assist as necessary.)

For sake of clarity, I work for the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield. 


Yours hopefully,
Iona Hine
Project Coordinator

Sheffield King James Project:
celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Version

Department of Biblical Studies,
University of Sheffield: www.shef.ac.uk/bibs



Here are scans of the postcards I told you about plus 1 additional photo. One of the postcards has a date 6/8/52 on the reverse, so as they are all from the same series I assume the date is common to them all. The photo of Cross Hill is from the same source as a previous one of the road sign at the end of Frickley bridge lane and shows Oakey’s old farm buildings and Kenyon’s shop and house.

Best regards Dave Nicoll

Living in exile in Pogmoor, Barnsley but always of Brierley


Postcards will be available to view next week beginning 10 March

March 2011


Hi Gary,

Hope you and your family are keeping well. Just wanted to say “Thanks” for passing on the email from Lorna’s relative. Good to see the website is still being used to reunite families, both near and far.

Take care,

Ken Waters Canada


It was a pleasure to put you back in touch Ken.. hope you all are keeping well....also when's your next visit over here?

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